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The Tampa Bay Kennel Club isn't just a haven for dog lovers and show-stopping pups; it's a vibrant community hub, radiating paw-sitive energy and serving the Tampa Bay area in countless ways.

Responsible Breeding: They promote responsible breeding practices through educational workshops and resources, ensuring healthy lineages and ethical treatment of dogs. Responsible breeding means happy, healthy pups for generations to come!

Family-Friendly Fun: The club hosts exciting events like dog shows, agility competitions, and picnics, creating a welcoming space for families to bond over their shared love for dogs. Picture the joyful faces of children cheering on their furry companions!

Community Outreach: The club actively participates in community events and educational programs, spreading awareness about responsible dog ownership and fostering a culture of respect for animals. Imagine the positive impact on the community as residents learn about responsible pet care!

The Tampa Bay Kennel Club's commitment to the community extends far beyond the show ring. They are a driving force for canine well-being, a catalyst for connection, and a champion for responsible dog ownership, leaving a paw-sitive impact on every corner of Tampa Bay. So, the next time you see a wagging tail or hear a joyful bark, remember the Tampa Bay Kennel Club – a community hub where hearts and paws beat in unison, making Tampa Bay a more vibrant and compassionate place for all.

Check from TBKC to Gulfside Hospice. Pet Peace of Mind Program.

The Tampa Bay Kennel Club is proud to award a check for $25,000.00 to the Southeastern Guide Dogs located in Palmetto Florida in the Memory of our longtime past president Mary Stolz.

The Southeastern Guide Dogs is a great organization that presents specially trained pups to our veterans as well as people in need of guide dogs for the Blind to help them to continue their awesome work.