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The Tampa Bay Kennel Club is proud to award a check for $25,000.00 to the Southeastern Guide Dogs located in Palmetto Florida in the Memory of our longtime past president Mary Stolz.

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The Tampa Bay Kennel Club has been an AKC member club since 1943. For many years the “Florida Winter Circuit” consisted of exhibitors, from all over the country, bringing their string of dogs to Florida shows and moving each day from one city and venue to another throughout the state. Back then, the Tampa Bay Kennel Club (TBKC) annual shows had typically been held at a Tampa area convention center or fairgrounds until the mid-90’s. In 1995, under the guidance of Mary Manning as president and Robert Ekle as show chair, a “cluster” was formed due to constant loss of local show sites. It consisted of five bay area kennel clubs.

This cluster rented property in Sarasota at a local Polo Field to hold the five-day winter circuit. Of course, this involved paying the “rent” for the property to a landowner. The idea of owning property jointly for all the five clubs was born – this would allow exhibitors to stay in one location for 5 consecutive shows and not have to move daily as was done in the past. With this idea in mind, in 1998 the TBKC, headed by Mary Manning, struck out to find a parcel of property in the bay area that could work as a permanent home for the newly formed cluster.

Ultimately, the 50 acres in Brooksville was located and purchased by four of the clubs. The TBKC, with Mary Manning at the front, pulled four of the clubs together to form Florida Classic Park Inc to jointly purchase the property needed. The first cluster shows on the new property were held in January of 1999 by the Tampa Bay Kennel Club, Clearwater Kennel Club, Pasco Florida Kennel Club, and the Inverness Kennel Club beginning with entries of 1200 per day. Over the years these shows have grown into a 10-day circuit with five clubs doing two shows each.

The TBKC has had numerous show chairs including Robert Ekle, Fran Daum, Phil Volk, Greg Paveza, Joe Napolitano (from 2006 to 2018) and Dan Stolz (2018 to present), who have somehow managed to continually deliver ever growing, fun and well-run experiences for all who attend whether they be exhibitors, vendors, visitors, or club members.

At the recent January 2024 shows, with entries at 2500 dogs on the weekends, the Tampa Bay Kennel Club celebrated their silver anniversary of the Cluster shows in Brooksville, sadly without the creation matriarch of the cluster of shows, Mary Manning-Stolz.

The Tampa Bay Kennel Club’s success has allowed the club to give back to the community through numerous donations to local charities such as the Tampa Humane Society, the Temple Terrace K- 9 unit, also especially the Southeastern Guide Dogs, allowing to purchase police dogs, seeing eye dogs and companion dogs for these organizations.

At the shows today, they enjoy more than just conformation. These days, Fast Cat, Coursing Ability Test (CAT), Agility, Rally, Open Shows, and 4–6-month puppy classes are all held at their shows. The judges at the shows enjoy the variety of awesome breakfasts and lunches served by Mr. Pat's catering, who have been feeding the shows for over 30 years now. The Exhibitors enjoy being treated to a well-groomed and prepped grounds that welcomes them, along with permanent bathrooms and a large pavilion dedicated for grooming. The Camping areas enjoy large sites with electric and water at each of the 350 sites.

Tampa Bay Kennel Club members, through comradery, dedication, and hard work, are proud to call this show the best show in the country.